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~*Check Out Canada*~

famous sites and cultural experiences*

Location AND Place
Movement AND Regions
Human-Environment Interaction
famous sites and cultural experiences*
climate, language and eduacation*
currency and finances*
Political System*
Food and Housing*
Fun and Fun*
Questions to think about*
Some of the famous sites to see in Canada include: The Ice Hotel, The CN Tower, many national parks and plainly just go see any place in Canada(exept the city) to see a beautiful pasture and many other pretty things. Also you can go into the city and see museums and each cultural foods from that province. More famous places are the lobster festival in new brunswick, whale watching, see St. Johns oldest settlement in Nova Sctoia, paddle in whale watch water and touch icebergs. So many things are in just two of the 13 provinces.
Some of those cultural expirences in Nunavut are there clothing which create warm, "stylish," effective garments. There games include dog teams, unusual entertianing sports, and inventing differant igloos. These are for the Inuit culture. The Inuit are what you call Eskimos. Which picture people with big poofy coats and pelts wrapped around them. There culture is more exiting to me than most of the other culures. They are they have wonderful stories in which someday will be told to us all.
Hopefully this will help you understand the cultural backround of the Inuits and some of the famous sites in Canada.
Hope you like it and enjoy it.
If not that's O.K.
Thanks for looking at it anyway.