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~*Check Out Canada*~

currency and finances*

Location AND Place
Movement AND Regions
Human-Environment Interaction
famous sites and cultural experiences*
climate, language and eduacation*
currency and finances*
Political System*
Food and Housing*
Fun and Fun*
Questions to think about*
The currency in Canada is the same amount as it is in the U.S. Not much of a differance although they all have differant pictures on them and all that stuff. They still are worth the same amount of money as they are in the U.S. The one thing that is pretty differant is that they still use 2 dollar bills. A term for a one dollar bill, or should I say coin is a loonie. They also have a coin called the toonie. That's just the term that they call their one dollar coin. -Don't ask-
The Finances in Canada are paid with money.-as usual in almost every country in the world- they have regular bills. House bills and school taxes. Everything is normal.
Finances in Canada -continue- the bills they have are the same water, electric, heating and air. All there bills are the same. Not so much of a differance in either country.

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