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~*Check Out Canada*~

Political System*

Location AND Place
Movement AND Regions
Human-Environment Interaction
famous sites and cultural experiences*
climate, language and eduacation*
currency and finances*
Political System*
Food and Housing*
Fun and Fun*
Questions to think about*
Canada has a prime minister. This prime minister is like a president. He calls all the shots and everything. The prime minister of Canada is Paul Martin. He is the 21st prime minister of Canada. He has been prime minister since 2003.
Canada also has a chief of state. Do you know who taht chief of state is? It is Queen Elizabeth II.
Elections are held every 4 years, for Prime Minister. When Queen Elizabeth dies that is a differant story. When she dies the next heir to the throne will be given to Prince Charles. In 1967 the British North America Act was passed so Canada would have a government.

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