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~*Check Out Canada*~

Movement AND Regions
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Movement in Canada. When you move from place to place you see all differant kind of things. You see differant cultural gatherings and places and a whole lot of things. A long time ago people would move to differant provinces or territories because they were slave free. So many native people had to move. Moving is also a good way to get your heart pumping. There are differant types of momvements. Getting active movement and document momvements. You might know who Harriet Tubman was. She made a movement to help free slaves. Jeanette Rankin helped make the right for women to vote. So there are 2 movements. Can you remember them?
:Regions in Canada. There are 6 regions in Canada:
1.Cordillera* 2. Praire Plains
3.The Far North 4. Canadian Shield*
5.St.Lawrence Lowlands* 6.Atlantic Region
:Or there are 8 three which were mentioned above:
1.Interior Plains 2.Appalacian Region
3.Hudson Bay Lowlands 4.Artic Lowlands
5.Innuitian Region
These are the regions in Canada
Hope that movement and regions are a little more simple to you know.
Hope you like it and enjoy it.
If not that's O.K.
Thanks for looking at it anyway.