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climate, language and eduacation*

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This part of the website strives to help you understand about the climate, language and education.
Climate in Canada is very cold. When you get farther away from the equation the colder it gets. That's why Greenland is so cold and you hear that it really isn't green it is ice. Nunavut is the coldest province in Canada because it goes out the farthest. That's why you see Inuit's and their Igloos. Because everything just freezes. So it is easy to make Igloos.
The type of Language in Canada just depends on where you are. The three main languages are English, French, and Inuktitut. English is spoken the most. French is spoken more in Quebec. Actually most French speaking people or Francophones are in Quebec. Then Inuktitut is spoken in Alaska and then mostly in Nunavut. The Inuit's speak that language in case you didn't know.

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Hope you learned about the climate, language and education in Canada.
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