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~*Check Out Canada*~

Food and Housing*

Location AND Place
Movement AND Regions
Human-Environment Interaction
famous sites and cultural experiences*
climate, language and eduacation*
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Political System*
Food and Housing*
Fun and Fun*
Questions to think about*
Food and Housing in Canada
Housing in Canada is just about the same. In Nunavut they live in Igloos but it is really cold up in that area. Most of the other houses in the country are our everyday houses. Maybe some of them are a little bigger than ours but they are the same. The houses could be in differant shapes and sizes but when you move around you might see houses that look the same to ours.
There food don't differ from ours. They just depend on were you are. In Quebec you might have Escargo or something like that because it is more of a French province. In Nunavut you may eat some Inuit food. Just depending on where you are in the country. We eat Japenese and Chinese and Mexican etc... and I am sure they eat that food up there also.

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